Brakes for your BMW vehicle

Brakes for your BMW vehicle are among some of the most advanced in the world. The technology used to develop these complex braking systems come from their involvement in motor sport over many years. The braking systems used are very reliable and usually only need inspection at the normal service intervals, where we remove all the wheels and carry out a full brake inspection and report.

Should you experience any braking problems like brake judder, pulling or warning lights coming on, please give us a call on 01268 766 002 to arrange a full brake inspection.

Steering for your BMW vehicle

Every movement requires energy, this is why Electric Power Steering only acts when it is needed. To give you more bends per litre, an electric motor is used to assist the steering. However, unlike conventional hydraulic systems, Electric Power Steering is supported by an electric motor which helps to ensure that energy is only used during actual steering manoeuvres. If the steering wheel is kept in a constant position when driving straight ahead or cornering, the electric motor is inactive and therefore does not use any energy and therefore saving fuel.

Suspension for your BMW vehicle

The most important part of your vehicle are the safety items suspension, steering and brakes. These items are all checked at every service, but sometimes these items can develop problems before the next service is due. If you have any cause for concern regarding the handling or stopping ability of your vehicle then call us to book the car in and our technicians will carry out a full inspection to find out what the problem is, and get you back on the road as soon and as safe as possible.

If you are passing by all means drop in and we will check that the car is safe to continue driving.

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